If you’re looking for other kinds of support, including medical interventions, working with experts gives you access to additional options that may not be available otherwise.

Brain stimulation therapies

Thought widely misunderstood, brain stimulation has been proven effective in treating patients with severe depression; those with symptoms that haven’t responded to medication, counselling or other psychosocial treatments; or even conditions such as mania and schizophrenia. Though not a fit for everyone, it is a solution for some.

Animal-assisted therapy

Pharmacological treatment

Psychiatric medication is another possible solution. These drugs usually don’t cure mental wellness concerns, but they can ease symptoms so that healing can start. You’ve probably heard of antidepressants, mood stabilizers and other pharmacological approaches, but there are a host of options available once you’re working under the care of a medical practitioner. Research is also being done with psychedelic-based treatments to examine their effectiveness in dealing with some mental wellness concerns.

Peer and support groups