Leaving your Legacy with The Erika Legacy Foundation

Legacy played a large part in Erika’s life. Her family name has a history and a legacy that goes back hundreds of years.  Her family line of Elkington was involved in highly successful businesses such as the Elkington & Co Silversmiths in England.  The women in her family are all highly educated and successful in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, medicine and many other fields. Erika was deeply rooted in legacy and giving back as part of ones legacy. 

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”  
- Sharon L. Adler

 “What will my legacy be?” It is a question rarely asked by people but important to reflect on at various times of life.

 For most of us, it means being remembered for our best qualities and for the positive impact we had on our family, friends and community. 

It is common to have a will or testament at the end of life however few people realize that they can continue their giving by having contributions arranged within their last documents. 

The Erika Legacy Foundation is proud to have a legacy giving program for those seeking to leave a mark in another meaningful way in their community. We’ve compiled some helpful tips below to get you started on your legacy planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legacy gift?

A legacy gift is a charitable donation arranged during a donor’s lifetime, leaving some or all of a donor’s estate to a charity or charities of their choosing.

What types of legacy gifts are there?

We’ve compiled a list of the typical types of legacy gifts below.

Where can I find more information about legacy giving?

Leave a Legacy, a program of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, is an excellent resource for those seeking more information about legacy giving. Visit their website for tips that will help you in your decision!

How do I plan for legacy giving to The Erika Legacy Foundation?

We recommend seeking legal and financial counsel as well as discussing your decision with your family. When seeking legal and financial counsel, be sure to use our legal name, The Erika Legacy Foundation, and to refer to our registered charity number: 76810 3897 RR0001.

While we are happy to provide you with information about how your legacy gift can help the Erika Legacy Foundation, we’re unable to provide legal, financial or other professional advice.

I’ve discussed my decision with my family and have sought the advice of a financial and legal advisor. Now what should I do?

We would be happy to assist you in identifying opportunities for legacy giving with the Erika Legacy Foundation. Please contact our Executive Director, Chris Maksylewicz, by calling 780.665.5141 or by email at cmak@erikalegacy.com