Erika Elkington with her parents

This foundation was created by Erika’s family and friends in 2016.  It will stand as a legacy to the person Erika was.  We hope by engaging people and communities, we can build an endowment that remains in perpetuity. The Erika Legacy Foundation will strive always to build safer and inspired communities for years to come. We will partner with, and award grants to, other charitable causes who we feel capture the spirit of what Erika believed in and what our foundation stands for.

We hope to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour by:

  • Increasing awareness of suicide and the impact it has on our societies.
  • Support research and study the social, personal and scientific conditions that lead to suicide using those findings to implement effective approaches to suicide prevention.
  • Inspire hope, resiliency and a reason for living.

Our primary function is to raise funds, inform and inspire the public.  By partnering with leaders in the fields of:

  • Research
  • Science
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Business

Together we will create events and engagement pieces to bring awareness to the stories of survivors and families touched by suicide and mental health issues, as well as providing safe and inspirational venues for the public to speak out, step forward and help in building educated, connected, and effective communities that expand the conversation.