Sending some more love for a great cause. Let’s keep pushing to help anyone who needs it.

"On behalf of Jessenia Mojica"

"Showing Love for ELF!!!!"


"In loving memory of my late Grandfather - to help those who are still here with us today"

"Much love to you for all your hard work "

Happy Birthday Makky Mak. I am grateful for your presence on this earth. ????♥️????

"Happy birthday ❤ freakass"

"Happy birthday!"

"Happy Birthday Chris"

"Hi Chris! Happy Birthday!!"

"Keep up the great work!"

Over 20 yoga participants gathered virtually and together contributed these funds.

"I am making this donation in conjunction with Melany James’ yoga for a cause."

"I am donating this thanks to Melany James for running a great Zoom yoga class on Saturday and encouraging the participants to support your wonderful charity."

"You bring inspiration so please continue helping others with their mental health!"

"Thanks for all you do! I live to inspire too!"

"Our deepest sympathy to Shannon Kirk , and her parents, Rob and Sharon Sharon and Maurice Fiset"

Keep up the amazing work! You all are an inspiration!

"In memory of Mitch Kirk."