On April 13th,  2018 The Erika Legacy Foundation formally partnered with WE.org to build a proactive mental wellness and suicide prevention program for youth.  With over 16,000 schools in the US, Canada and the UK, together we will reach millions of young leaders.  

Our partnership with WE will change the conversation and save many lives in the process using science based research to develop programs that inform, educate, and create advocates in millions of youth for Mental Wellbeing. By empowering this generation of leaders and teaching them to not just start conversations but expand on them, using their knowledge learned based on proper research and science, we can, over time, have a profound positive impact on some the most tragic health problems of our time. Depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness can lead to addiction, homelessness, and suicide.  

By working with WE on Mental Wellness we hope equip the next generation in how to proactively understand and deal with these issues better then we as a collective have up to now. 

Please watch the film of the launch below and download the PDF from our Downloadable Content section.  

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