August 4, 2020

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Cisco, and SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education!

Together we have created a tool that will allow Journalists to safely report on suicide.  Using our tool, they will have the ability to rapidly scan their report and have it compared to the current  guidelines on safely reporting on suicide.    This will allow journalists and content creators to reduce the risk of suicide contagion that happens when reporting best practices are not followed.

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Our Executive Director Chris Maksylewicz recently sat down with Catherine Brownlee of “Cat’s Track”  to discuss mental health, suicide prevention and the future of The Erika Legacy Foundation.  We would like to thank Catherine for this wonderful opportunity.

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Recently Danielle Tonkin spoke on behalf of The Erika Legacy Foundation at the 2020 Western Canadian Administrative Conference, discussing the creation of The Erika Legacy Foundation in honour of her sister Erika as well as delivering a captivating speech on what it means to “Live to Inspire”.

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Recently The Erika Legacy Foundation has agreed in principle to a partnership with NeuroMed Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Headed by Dr. Ivan Murray the NeuroMed clinic is a leader in RTMS treatment.

RTMS is a non-invasive brain treatment  that has shown to be highly successful in treating depression, anxiety and suicidal thought and we hope to bring this innovative technology to areas across North America as we begin to partner with clinics and physicians that are on the front lines of providing care to those in need.

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The father of Erika, Bill Elkington recently sat down with Chris Maksylewicz the Executive Director of The Erika Legacy Foundation and Nancy MacKay who is the head of the  MacKay CEO Forums to chat on their  podcast “The CEO Edge” to discuss “What CEO’s need to know about suicide”.

MacKay CEO Forums was founded in 2005 by Dr. Nancy MacKay and has 1000+ members across Canada. Her dream is to populate the world with inspiring leaders.

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The Erika Legacy Foundation is proud to announce we have partnered with Cisco, the worldwide technology leader who is creating a world of potential with us---- as together we build systems with Applied Data science that will be able to quickly assist journalists, and news organizations around the world on being up to date with the recommendations on safely reporting on suicide,, as set forth by the World Health Organization. As we change the language around suicide in news media in hopes to prevent fear and contagion.

Our digital tool for journalists will be launched Q2 of 2020. Stay tuned!

The Erika Legacy Foundation has partnered with Artificial Intelligence leaders Qntfy technologies ( to harness the power of their QUINN AI system.   Quinn is a personal wellness AI that can identify mental stress and suicidal thought by analyzing the data of a person’s digital life.  This gives us the ability to detect and intervene months before an emotional crisis happens.

Quinn can also provide real time information about the wellbeing of a whole population.  Cities, Schools,  non-profits, health care providers and others can use Quinn to understand how the people in their communities are doing and steer them towards better help.

Recently Qnfty was a finalist in the NASA i-Tech awards.   Check out their entry here:

Yarmouth N.S.  Gazebo unveiled in honour of Erika Elkington

On Sept 14,2019 in Yarmouth NS, with a partnership of our corporate donors. A gazebo was unveiled on the site of the Yarmouth Hospital, the exact hospital where Erika was born in 1985.

It was such an honour for us to have the gazebo built in her name. Using the community as a whole to come together and build, erect and finish the project was such an inspiring sight.

We hope generations of people will go and sit at it, find solace and hope as they look out to the sea.

This is what support allows us to do, it allows us to fund research, build programs but also bring together communities and affect them so greatly for years to come as they begin the journey of hope, healing and expanding the conversations regarding suicide and mental health.

Here is the recent article about the unveiling. Have a read.


Story Slam

The Erika Legacy Foundation was a proud sponsor of the September 2019 edition of Edmonton’s Story Slam.

Edmonton Story Slam is a competitive Story Telling event with no censorship. Up to 10 story tellers compete with 5 random audience members judging.

September is national suicide prevention awareness month.  The Erika Legacy Foundation was the lead sponsor for the event as the stories revolved around hope, resilience, inspiration, loss and love.  Each story was created using the theme of mental health and suicide.

A standing room only audience heard moving and inspiring stories from 13 amazing storytellers with Andi Sweet winning the night.  As well, The Erika Legacy Foundation provided all in attendance with literature on topics such as anxiety, depression, how to talk to a loved one and how to create a safety plan.

It is through such events like Story Slam Edmonton, in which we can bring to the forefront those hard to have conversations with friends and loved ones regarding mental health and suicide in hopes we can go beyond the stigma currently associated with these topics and expand the conversation.


The Erika Legacy Foundation were honoured guests at The Lois Hole Hospital for Women’s  annual Harvest Gala on Sept 21,2019. A gala that included a who’s who within the city of Edmonton, all coming together for one cause, to better the lives of women of all ages in regards to physical and mental health in Alberta and abroad.  

The event brought awareness to the urgent need for extra operating rooms in the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.   It also touched on the need for more mental health programming for women in our communities

A recent statistic has shown in Alberta, women accounted for 58% of 1,833 hospital admissions and 61% of 5,053 ER visits for attempted suicide or self-inflicted injuries and young women 15-19 were admitted most often.

Suicide can be prevented, research has shown it is completely possible. It begins with getting the word out and then coming together as a community with finance and energy to support research, programming and promotion.

We were so honoured to be able to connect with people from around Alberta and tell the story of Erika, our foundation and our initiatives. Thank you to our wonderful hosts at Nakatsui Dermasurgery.


WE Day is the greatest classroom in the world. This powerful event series—held in over 15 cities across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean—brings together world-renowned speakers, award-winning performers, millions of young people and educators to celebrate and inspire another year of incredible change.

On Sept 28, 2019, The Erika Legacy Foundation was onstage  with influencers such as actor/director Emilio Estevez, musician Sarah McLachlan, writer Rupi Kaur and environmentalist David Suzuki in Toronto in front of 20,000 youth and adults; telling the story of Erika and advocating for mental health and suicide Awareness programming in schools across the nation.  Through our founding partnership with we are building a new and engaging program to inspire and connect youth across the world.  Our program WE WELL-BEING is a new approach, bringing science and research to the forefront of learning for youth as they become highly PROACTIVE and empowered.

We were honoured to be a part of this momentous day as WE WELL-BEING was launched across Canada to over 10,000 schools.

The Erika Legacy Foundation is proud to have partnered with CamH and Dr. Jeff Daskalakis, researcher in neuroscience and leader in the using of RTMS ( repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) technology  to treat anxiety, depression and suicidal thought

A multiple award winning research in neuroscience Dr. Daskalakis is the senior author of the study and Co-Director of the Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention in CAMH’s Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute.

He and his team have recently made the news with their study that has shown how using RTMS   reduces suicidal thinking in people with hard-to-treat depression.  We plan to partner with Dr. Daskalakis and his team to bring this innovative treatment to the general public. 

You can read the article here.

October 12, 2018 

WE DAY was hosted in Edmonton by The Erika Legacy Foundation.  

We joined 16,000+ youth and educators at Rogers Place as we spoke on stage about our Well Being partnership with   

Bill and Sabrina Elkington, the parents of Erika spoke to CTV news Edmonton about the need for such programming and the need to recognize suicide and mental health as an issue of high importance in our communities today.  

Watch the clip below:

October 5, 2018

Bill and Sabrina Elkington sat down the to discuss the partnership between and The Erika Legacy Foundation.  This partnership will reach out to the over 4.3 million young people, including more than 16,000 schools and groups, engaged with WE Schools programming.  Our program will help promote the skills and habits that will allow young people to understand and take care of their overall mental and physical health.

You can see the article here:

September 20th  2018 

The Erika Legacy was proud to join onstage at WE DAY Toronto today as part of our launch of the Well Being initiative.  

Our founders Bill and Sabrina Elkington spoke to over 18,000 youth at Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto providing them with vital information and inspiring a generation of youth to learn, speak and act differently about mental health and suicide. 

September 28, 2018 

Recently The Erika Legacy Foundation sat down with RBC Wealth Management to talk about legacy, the importance of suicide prevention and why financial support is so needed to further the programming and initiatives we do. 

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April 13, 2018 

On April 13th,  2018 The Erika Legacy Foundation formally partnered with to build a proactive mental wellness and suicide prevention program for youth.  With over 16,000 schools in the US, Canada and the UK, together we will reach millions of young leaders.  

Our partnership with WE will change the conversation and save many lives in the process using science based research to develop programs that inform, educate, and create advocates in millions of youth for Mental Wellbeing. By empowering this generation of leaders and teaching them to not just start conversations but expand on them, using their knowledge learned based on proper research and science, we can, over time, have a profound positive impact on some the most tragic health problems of our time. Depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness can lead to addiction, homelessness, and suicide.  

By working with WE on Mental Wellness we hope equip the next generation in how to proactively understand and deal with these issues better then we as a collective have up to now. 

Please watch the film of the launch below and download the PDF from our Downloadable Content section.  

February 2, 2018 

The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about the language used around suicide and asked The Erika Legacy Foundation to be a interviewed.  

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