Testing donations

"It is so important to talk about mental wellness. If we don’t, we will lose others. I have lost both family and friends to suicide."

"On Behalf of Margot Hartley & Craig Davidson"

"From Craig and Margot"


"Thanks Chris for all you do."

Thank you for all the good you are doing.

"In lieu of a wedding gift to Abbey and Richard Elkington this donation is made by Ilga in memory of my lovely and caring granddaughter Erika."

"We would like to make this donation in the name of Abbey & Richard."

"A donation made, in celebration of Richard and Abbey Elkington’s marriage. Made with love from the McMorran family."

"In lieu of a gift, we would like to make this donation on behalf of Abbey & Richard to commemorate their wedding."

"Abbey and Richard we admire the selfless act the two of you have displayed. Congratulations on your wedding , may you experience Gods love through your lifetime of dreams, challenges, and blessings he has planned for you. Love Auntie Jackie, Uncle Kevin, Kennedy and Brady."

In loving memory of Erika. Love to Abbey and Richard. From Eric, Linda, and Ella Kalnins

"This is in memory of Erika as well as in memory of my son Brock William Walker. Thank you for the opportunity."

"Congratulations Richard and Abbey!! Love Ross and Sarah xo"

"A gift for a request for Richard Elkington’s wedding gift! What a thoughtful brother. Congrats and I am honored to be givimg to such a worthy cause. Deb and Michael"

"Hoekstra/Elkington Wedding Congratulations Abbey and Richard !"

"Congratulations to Abbey and Richard on your resent marriage. So very happy for you both. Auntie Di and uncle Doug."

To the Erika Legacy Foundation on behalf of Richard and Abby. Congratulations on your marriage, and best wishes for the future. Enjoy!

"In honour of Abbey and Richard’s wedding, from Margot and Craig"