A suicide safety plan can play a vital role in keeping you safe when you’re feeling distressed or suicidal. 

Work with a trusted family member or friend, or a professional to develop a suicide safety plan. It is helpful to involve important people around you, as they need to know how best to care for you and keep you safe if you’re feeling suicidal. 

Try to find a time when you’re feeling well, calm and clear-headed, rather than when you’re suicidal or distressed. 

Write your safety plan down and keep it in a place where you can easily find it when you need it. 

You can download a safety plan template here: 

Erika Legacy Safety Plan PDF

Are you feeling suicidal or know someone who is?  We have provided the following PDF to start the journey on managing how to deal with suicidal thoughts and feelings and overcome the pain 

Please download and use as a starting guide, if you are in crisis contact your local mental health provider or call 911 immediately. 

Feeling Suicidal PDF

 Download below to view our 5 phase roll out plan to bring Mental Wellness to millions of youth