The Erika Legacy Foundation is a public, Canadian foundation, started in 2016 by the family of Erika Nicole Elkington.  It distributes funds to charitable organizations that are in line with Erika’s legacy.


The roots of our Foundation are based in Edmonton, Alberta, where Erika lived most of her life and her family still resides.  Our Foundation grants outside this city (Victoria, B.C., for example) are largely by family and board-identified opportunities.  However, “communities” can be more then geographically-based entities and our board has pursued both provincially and nationally areas of specific interest.

What We Support

Recently demands have been such that we have narrowed our focus to our original mandate and its direction on three points.

  1. To increasing awareness of suicide and the impact it has on our societies. 
  2. To support research and study the social, personal and economic conditions that lead to suicide using those findings to implement effective approaches to suicide prevention.
  3. To inspire hope, resiliency and a reason for living.

These allow us to partner and grant support that enriches the communities in which Erika’s passions are involved.  Some of these passions would be: Education, Entrepreneurship, Sport & Health and Humanities. The Foundation is public and as such is very public about its distributions and our full granting history.  In forthcoming years, all of our financials will be available on this website. Reviewing the most recent grants is the best way to get a sense of what we support, keeping in mind that those grants seemingly outside our general parameters are best explained by specific member/board interest or connection.

Can I apply for a grant?

Yes, you can make a request to be considered if you have a project related to our core area and interests. It is possible by e-mail, to bring a project to the attention of Foundation members, particularly if your organization is based in Alberta or B.C.  

Please Note: Before bringing any project to the attention of the Foundation, please check that you are a “Qualified Donee ” (Click Here).  We have no ability to award funds outside of these government regulations.

Grant Types

Our primary focus is on one-time grants to support charitable organizations for particular projects, special opportunities, or non-recurring situations.  Ideally, these can be covered by single payments in a given year—our “regular grants.”

A second level of grant is an extension of the above, but happens where the project is spread over a longer time or is too large for our annual budget.   In these cases the payments are annualized—our “multi-year grants.”

A third type of grant has recently been identified—”repeating grants”.   We are formalizing a practice whereby certain organizations, whose primary needs are for operating or research funds, have been receiving recurring funding.  Where a grant has been identified as “repeating” it means that the organization can count on a similar grant the next year with only the condition that its programs and services remain essentially the same as in the original grant year.* The intention is to help organizations budget, and to cut down on administrative requirements on our part and theirs. Every few years a “repeating grant” will come with the notice that a full examination will take place the following year, and that the renewal is not automatic, but unless that notice is included in the cheque letter, the grant will be automatically renewed the following year, but as a new grant.

Please Note: Organizations receiving a repeating grant must send us an annual report and/or financial statement; otherwise, we will ask for a reapplication the following year, with no guarantee of renewal.

A final type of grant is a “special grant.” These grants occur outside our request framework, may occur at any time, and are often the result of a directed donation to the Foundation or a financial windfall for the Foundation. They may or may not be included as a part of our regular donation budget.  Both “repeating grants” and “special grants” are entirely at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors in conjunction with the Elkington family.

* Please note that the grant is still at the discretion of the Foundation Board. A failure to provide requested information or a failure to provide a timely receipt for a previous grant could result in the cancellation at any point of a repeating grant.

Preferred Means of Communication

The Foundation communicates through e-mail, and supplementary documentation can be submitted with attached files, preferably pdf files which are easy to forward to members.  Regular mail submissions are awkward for us because all material has to be reprocessed digitally for distribution.  Regular mail submissions with no attached digital addresses will usually be ignored.